Spearfishing Wetsuit


  • I am 5’6”, 145lbs, 34-28-41, medium frame, and I ordered a Large. On hindsight, I would’ve stuck with my own size, Medium, but read the reviews about how it’s too small. So, really, I am not sure. What I DO know is that you should do yourself a favor and BUY IT. I’ve never worn two pieces in my life, however, this one is definitely a KEEPER. Get two sizes and figure what your best fit for your shape is. There is no such thing as one size category fits all body types. Play with the sizes. :)
  • Nice bathing suit. Color is vibrant. It's a real high waist bottom, covers my belly button without stretching it too much. The back is some kind of V shape. Usually wear size 10 in jeans because of my big thighs, and medium top (bra size 36B). Bought size L, somewhat big around the waist and top too big. But nothing I cannot fix with a little alteration and I'll be ready for summer. Looking to buy another color. You got a really happy customer.
  • I don't know much about wetsuits but needed one for my son who was freezing during the swimming lessons. Unfortunately this wasn't the right thing as it is an inside pool (this wetsuit is toot thick for that) but it was well made and if you order the right size and for the right thing, it will be great in my opinion.
  • The fitting was as expected however I did order two different sizes just because I wanted to be sure and my younger one is super super skinny but I must say the measurements were perfect. The dive suit kept her warm and stay as long as she wanted to; didn't complain. It dried quickly too if you fallow the guidelines/advices on internet. Didn't have to break a sweat at all; just simple wash and hang dry overnight (inside-out) in 70 degree F (of course its outside temperature, rooms are bit cooler considering AC is on) in bathroom and it will be ready to wear next morning.
  • I really like this suit. After reading many reviews, I purchased it for my upcoming family vacation. The fabric is nice. I purchased the olive green color and it is beautiful. The top is a bandeau that comes with detachable straps. I don’t like the look of the bikini with the straps so I won’t be using them. The top also comes with pads inside but with an opening to remove them if you’d like. The bottoms are high waisted and high cut which elongates the look of your legs. I did not feel like the back was too cheeky. The bottoms are not full coverage but not a thong and are very comfortable to me, personally. I have not worn it in the water yet, I’ve only tried it on. So I do not know how it holds up when wet or when washed yet. I would highly recommend trying it! I am 5’6” about 150 pounds. 36-28-41 bust-waist-hips. I wear a 32 D cup bra, and usually a size 8 or 10 in pants and purchased a large and it fits just as I wanted.
  • My tiny, petite little daughter with not an ounce of body fat on her was getting ready to quit her swim team, even though she loves swimming. However, with no bodily reserves to speak of, and the cold water temps necessary for lap swimming at practice, it had begun to be too much. In other words, she loves the sport physically, but hates the cold that goes along with it. She would be blue-lipped, shivering, and sometimes crying after a one hour practice. Such a good swimmer though, and hated to see her quit. On a whim, I looked up wetsuits and read through a lot of the reviews on this Seavenger model, which seemed encouraging. I did somewhat discount the likelihood of effectiveness though, thinking that my extremely tiny wisp of a child had a way worse "coldness tipping point" to fight through than the average child wearer of this suit would have. But, worn just once and I can now say it's doing for her what the positive reviews said it did for other kids. She got out of the pool at end of practice (one hour) with an animated face and proclaimed herself "so warm." Amazed! Well Worth it to be able to continue participation in a sport we may have otherwise had to say goodbye to! She and her coaches both felt it did not hinder her stroke execution. It's a little hard to get on (two person job) but that's a pretty small factor against its big benefits for us. The neck also felt a bit tight to her but it seems like I could loosen that by not fastening fully. Otherwise, a great fit as a size 8 for a very small for her age 11 year old child. And a most useful product for our purposes.
  • I am a real person and this is a real review. This is going to be long because I am really thrilled with this wetsuit. As others have stated, this is a very well made wet suit. My granddaughter is very thin and cannot stay in the pool for long because she gets very cold and needs a hot shower after swimming to warm her up. We received the wet suit today and she swam in the pool for hours making big strides with her swimming. I have one happy little girl. She said now I can swim with my cousins and not get cold. I am very satisfied with my purchase. Someone said the color was peach and not pink and they were correct it is peach but it doesn't affect the wetsuit and my granddaughter was still very happy.We went with the size 6(she is 7 and is 48 inchs tall with long legs,and weighs around 45 lbs.) which were her measurements but it was very long in length and sleeves. We also purchased a size 4 which will come tomorrow and we will see if that is a better fit. All in all it was well worth the money, a great buy.Don't hesitate to buy.
  • This suit is great! I free dive in the lake water of Michigan and they can be cold, this suit has been perfect for the summer waters. I’ll dive for hours and come out warm and feeling grate, the camo make me blend in better fish most of the time, don’t see me coming. Love it
  • I’m 6’3, 210 and have a 44 inch chest and this fits perfect. I haven’t used it yet but would imagine it does what a 3mm wetsuit is supposed to do.
  • Don't be fooled by the price. This is a high quality wetsuit with great fabric and all sewn seams. I've worn my suit about 100 hours in the water so far with no issues. In addition to looking really cool, I've noticed that the camo seems to help me get closer to fish without scaring them. I've already recommended this wetsuit to several friends. I'm very impressed by the quality and the value.
  • Can I just say that in this day and age it is IMPOSSIBLE to find a decent swim suit in a store. They’re all cheap and lame and not durable. They’re super stretchy and baggy and not flattering at all. I’ve been to so many stores with awful swim suits it’s ridiculous. So I decided to go on amazon where I pretty much get everything except my work out clothes which I get at gym shark. Found this swim suit, decided to give it a try, fell in love the moment I put it on. Not only is the color exactly what I expected but it also fits so well and is so flattering. I can’t believe I found this bikini I literally love it. 1000 times yes, best swim suit I’ve ever owned. And it feels like waterproof material but not your typical cheap swim suit waterproof feel. Well maybe not waterproof but you know what I mean. Fantastic. No other words. If you’re thinking should I buy this? The answer is yes. It does fit pretty tight so if you want it to be a little looser I would go a size up from what you normally get. Also it shows off your but without being a thong which I love
  • Omg this swim suit was made for me! So in love and I didn’t have to spend hours at a store trying on unflattering ones that made me self conscious! I read tons of reviews to determine what size I needed. For reference I am 5 foot 7 inches 130 pounds and a 36 A. The top fits like a sports bra. I have small boobs and it’s tight (in a good way) if you have larger boobs I might size up. Some people complained about it not having padding. I don’t like padding anyway and hate wearing bras period and what’s the point with small boobs. Other people complained about the quality. I don’t think it’s bad at all actually seems really durable and stable and you can’t see through it. I bet by the end of summer I’ll have more colors of this set. And I guarantee my sister is going to want to barrow it and I will get tons of compliments and no one will ever know I didn’t spend hundreds of dollars on this