• I don't know much about wetsuits but needed one for my son who was freezing during the swimming lessons. Unfortunately this wasn't the right thing as it is an inside pool (this wetsuit is toot thick for that) but it was well made and if you order the right size and for the right thing, it will be great in my opinion.
  • Great product made of quality materials and the stitching is done well. This wetsuit does a good job of keeping our daughter warm while swimming in outdoor pools. We have a 20 month old who is ~28 pounds, average build. We got a 2T and it fits but there isn't really any room to grow. The legs are not as snug as an adult wetsuit would be and the sleeves are a different material than the main body and legs. The sleeve material is intended to block UV radiation only and not provide any insulation. We bought this product to help keep some heat in while at the pool and protect her from the life preserver straps chafing her skin. If we were swimming in open water, I'd probably look for a full sleeve, full leg wetsuit. For having fun at the local swim club and protecting her skin from the life preserver straps, this is perfect. All in all, I am very satisfied.
  • So far we love it. I debated about the size for a bit before purchase but went with the right one! My daughter is 42 inches tall 42 pounds, as pear shaped as a 3 year old can really be, and the size L fits her perfectly. No issues of tugging or pulling around her shoulders even though she's so tall which is normally a big problem for us with anything in a one piece. We live in Texas so didn't really need the insulating factor but I would say it does insulate as she was sweaty after wearing it outside of the pool for 30 minutes. The whole suit seems to be neoprene except the sleeves which is great for flexibility. This suit will also double as our affordable SPIO suit until I can rake up the cash for that. Autism parents know what's up! I definitely say money well spent!
  • Though we are in the tropics, we have a swimming cool pool because it doesn't get any direct sunlight so usually my son can swim 30mins at the most before he starts turning blue. I was using another brand before that was fully neoprene (speedo and decathlon) but my son would chafe because the material was stiff in the neck and arms. So though he could swim longer, he would be in so much pain after due to chafing in the neck and arms. These have stretchy panels down the side and around the collar and still give the same protection from the cold. I love that he uses less chemical SPF because of them too. I got 1 short sleeves and 1 long sleeves and the long sleeve we use when we are at the beach to protect his arms. After ordering the Medium size, I've ordered the L size and again got 1 short sleeves and 1 long sleeves. I highly recommend!
  • The fitting was as expected however I did order two different sizes just because I wanted to be sure and my younger one is super super skinny but I must say the measurements were perfect. The dive suit kept her warm and stay as long as she wanted to; didn't complain. It dried quickly too if you fallow the guidelines/advices on internet. Didn't have to break a sweat at all; just simple wash and hang dry overnight (inside-out) in 70 degree F (of course its outside temperature, rooms are bit cooler considering AC is on) in bathroom and it will be ready to wear next morning.
  • I am a real person and this is a real review. This is going to be long because I am really thrilled with this wetsuit. As others have stated, this is a very well made wet suit. My granddaughter is very thin and cannot stay in the pool for long because she gets very cold and needs a hot shower after swimming to warm her up. We received the wet suit today and she swam in the pool for hours making big strides with her swimming. I have one happy little girl. She said now I can swim with my cousins and not get cold. I am very satisfied with my purchase. Someone said the color was peach and not pink and they were correct it is peach but it doesn't affect the wetsuit and my granddaughter was still very happy.We went with the size 6(she is 7 and is 48 inchs tall with long legs,and weighs around 45 lbs.) which were her measurements but it was very long in length and sleeves. We also purchased a size 4 which will come tomorrow and we will see if that is a better fit. All in all it was well worth the money, a great buy.Don't hesitate to buy.
  • My tiny, petite little daughter with not an ounce of body fat on her was getting ready to quit her swim team, even though she loves swimming. However, with no bodily reserves to speak of, and the cold water temps necessary for lap swimming at practice, it had begun to be too much. In other words, she loves the sport physically, but hates the cold that goes along with it. She would be blue-lipped, shivering, and sometimes crying after a one hour practice. Such a good swimmer though, and hated to see her quit. On a whim, I looked up wetsuits and read through a lot of the reviews on this Seavenger model, which seemed encouraging. I did somewhat discount the likelihood of effectiveness though, thinking that my extremely tiny wisp of a child had a way worse "coldness tipping point" to fight through than the average child wearer of this suit would have. But, worn just once and I can now say it's doing for her what the positive reviews said it did for other kids. She got out of the pool at end of practice (one hour) with an animated face and proclaimed herself "so warm." Amazed! Well Worth it to be able to continue participation in a sport we may have otherwise had to say goodbye to! She and her coaches both felt it did not hinder her stroke execution. It's a little hard to get on (two person job) but that's a pretty small factor against its big benefits for us. The neck also felt a bit tight to her but it seems like I could loosen that by not fastening fully. Otherwise, a great fit as a size 8 for a very small for her age 11 year old child. And a most useful product for our purposes.