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Wet Suit Dryer - When Drysuits Are Too Hot

  • Friday, 29 May 2020
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Wet Suit Dryer - When Drysuits Are Too Hot

Are you looking for the best way to dry your wet wetsuit in the privacy of your own home? Why do you need a full body 3mm neoprene steamer wetsuit when the traditional method of drying is using hot water and a hairdryer? Not only are they expensive, they are also dangerous, causing burns to the skin and to the fabrics of your wetsuit.full body 3mm neoprene steamer wetsuit

full body 3mm neoprene steamer wetsuit

The answer is easy. Dry your wetsuit at home, where you can wear it without fear of damaging your wetsuit or having it damaged by excessive drying. Why take the risk? The best way to dry your wet wetsuit is with a professional drysuit dryer that you can use in your own home.

By professional dryers we mean those that you can buy from a store, as opposed to the type of dryers you can rent. A professional dryer will have an electrical charge designed specifically for your wetsuit, and a system that is designed to be less likely to damage the wetsuit's fabric. As a dryer heats the wetsuit, the electricity passes through the wetsuit and heats the fabrics on both sides of the seams. The heat from the electricity then warms the wetsuit up and causes it to shrink, forming an airtight seal around the seam of the wetsuit.

The entire process from when you enter the water to when you come out of the water is a series of two events. First, you will enter water with your wetsuit in place, and then you will come out of the water with the wetsuit fully dried. This whole process takes about three minutes.

There are other advantages to using a dryer, such as letting you add moisture to the wetsuit while it is drying, which helps to keep your wetsuit moistened and ready to use. Dryers also have the added benefit of avoiding the chemical reaction between the wetsuit and chemicals that may occur if you dry your wetsuit on the surface.

A dry suit dryer that you can use in your home will cost you less than $100. When you have an electric dryer at home, you don't have to worry about oil, lube, or fragrances, which can cause chemical reactions and damage. Electric dryers also have a battery-operated safety feature, which will shut off the dryer in case of fire. Most dryers have a rack for storing dry suits, and the dry suits are a safe place to store dry wetsuits, as they are fully sealed.

When you are done with your dry suit dryer you can wear your wetsuit in your swimming pool, and dry it out. Then you can enjoy your wetsuit in the water, without the worry of it being ruined by getting wet.

If you haven't tried a wetsuit dryer before, you should probably consider getting one. They are a lot more affordable than you think, and you will be saving your wetsuit and the family from the dangers of electric dryers. You can also get dry suits for men and women to dry.

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