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The 5-mm Front Zip Hooded Wetsuit - Wearing the Right Suit For Cold Water Diving

  • Thursday, 26 March 2020
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The 5-mm Front Zip Hooded Wetsuit - Wearing the Right Suit For Cold Water Diving

The 5mm front zip hooded wetsuit is made with special membrane and material that allow for maximum body temperature control, making it perfect for cold water diving. These suits are great for colder water environments but for those who prefer warm water the medium width wetsuit is a good choice.

Hooded wetsuits, or so-form, were first used in the mid-1960s by the Japanese underwater rescue teams. The wetsuits were called so-form because they had a hooded design which helped maintain the temperature inside the suit. Many experienced divers prefer this type of wetsuit because of its ability to keep them cool while in the water.

Many people think that a wetsuit is meant to be wet. This is not true. However, a wetsuit does need to be in contact with the skin to stay warm. When a wetsuit is dry the skin will feel clammy and even cold.

A 5mm front zip hooded wetsuit can be worn in hot conditions, but should not be worn for extended periods of time. It can easily be worn in very warm water, as long as the wearer wears the right kind of wetsuit. With the medium or wide style of wetsuit, the wearer's body is warm on top and cool below. The medium or wide style is ideal for cold water diving.

Hooded wetsuits allow the wearer to take on a larger volume of water. These wetsuits also offer better protection than the medium or wide styles. For cold water diving, a medium or wide hooded wetsuit can easily be worn with a fleece wetsuit, or flotation device. However, a hooded wetsuit should never be worn with a flotation device, such as a life jacket, under any circumstances.

A 5mm front zip hooded wetsuit is available for both men and women. While these suits are more popular with the male population, they are also available for women. Many women choose to wear a hooded wetsuit because they feel more comfortable when wearing a wetsuit that is a bit more revealing.

Women tend to use a hooded wetsuit for activities that involve swimming, like water skiing, where they will be in the water for long periods of time. Most men prefer to wear a wetsuit during other activities such as kayaking, but that is usually an activity where the suit is optional.

Women also find that hooded wetsuits provide them with a more flattering look than the standard fabric wetsuit. These suits are designed to fit comfortably against the body and flatter the figure.

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