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How to shop for the Right Wetsuits

  • Thursday, 12 August 2021
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For all water sports enthusiasts, the most important thing to worry about while carrying out water activities is body protection. It is often mentioned that seawater can be very harmful to an individual. The temperature, salt content of the ocean water can affect your activity. Wetsuits are the common costume assigned for such activities. Scuba diving, surfing, diving classes, all suggest a wetsuit to be worn during the time of activity.

 Although we all are aware of the types of wetsuits that are available while buying one we must follow the below-mentioned points to find the right fit:

1. Comfort!

 When you buy a wetsuit, it’s very important that you prioritize your comfort over the price. This is done by considering material construction, thickness, and the size of your wetsuit.

            > Material

For a wetsuit, the material needs to be stretchable. Different grades of neoprene are used to make wetsuits. Wetsuits made of 100 percent stretch neoprene are highly flexible and buttery to the touch, maximizing freedom of motion and skin feel. Standard stretch neoprene wetsuits can be preferred to 100% stretch wetsuits, especially in larger sizes when you may desire a little more flexibility to fit you properly in all the right areas.

           > Thickness

The thickness of your wetsuit should be determined by your usual water temperature and the watersport activity you will be participating in. A Wetsuit Wearhouse, you may search for wetsuits using the left-hand filter bar, which includes temperature and watersport filters! This makes it simple to choose a wetsuit that meets your precise requirements. Thicker wetsuits are now as elastic as lightweight suits thanks to contemporary technologies.

         > Sizing

When it comes to selecting a comfortable wetsuit for various body shapes, sizing is key. A wetsuit should be as comfortable as a second skin. Wetsuit Wearhouse includes a product-specific size chart for each wetsuit. It's crucial to keep in mind that your wetsuit size may not match your other clothing sizes. To determine your perfect fit, take your chest, waist, weight, and height measurements and compare them to the size chart.

 2. Rentals

For people who frequently participate in such activities, renting a wetsuit can turn out to be pretty expensive. Rental suits have issues like size, hygiene, and cost attached to it.

       > Size

There are two problems with this approach. First, as a plus-size man or woman, a limited-range rental service may not have the best wetsuits or sizes that fit you well. Wearing a wetsuit that is too small or too big in the wrong places will make you uncomfortable and self-conscious, as well as potentially harmful.

      > Cost

Many rental services offer outdated cheap wetsuits in limited sizes, which are fine if you only require one or two wetsuits. However, if you participate in your aquatic sport regularly enough, you'll find yourself spending much too much of your hobby money on wetsuit rentals over time. Invest in your own equipment if you enjoy your watersport.

     > Hygiene

To achieve a snug fit, wetsuits are normally worn with as little underneath as feasible. As a result, renting wetsuits will invariably come into touch with skin oils and microorganisms on a frequent basis. Any rental wetsuit will be fully cleaned inside and out by the majority of reliable rental companies. Having your own wetsuit to wear will ultimately feel more hygienic for long-term use and peace of mind.

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